Saturday, 18 October 2008

Today I have finished the first painting of my Actors in Hampton Court series. This was an amazing history reenactment I have seen recently in the former residence of Henry VIII. It was a pleasure to paint all the details and costumes. People in the painting are supposed to be cardinal Wolsley and Thomas Cromwell. Not quite as they were portrayed in the famous "Tudors" TV series but nevertheless exciting to watch up-close. I have several more of those planned.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Staying with the nautical theme today's piece is similar to the yesterday's one but from a slightly different angle. Here seagulls are circling restlessly over the shallow coastal waters. The biggest challenge for me is always a repeating pattern with a rigid rhythm like the ripples on the damp sand in the foreground. I'm fairly satisfied with the result today but I feel I need to strech myself further and do more of those.

Today I was busy in my Art Group. Working from the reference picture I took very recently during a day trip to the south coast of Britain. It was an amazing blue dusk setting over the beach when took this picture and in today's watercolour I tried to recreate the magical calm freshness of that moment.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Falon painting is finished

I have finally finished the first painting of the falcon hunting series. I have published here the initial stages of this painting and here is the end result. It's a peregrine falcon on top of a slain houbara bustard. It's only the second time I have attempted to paint birds with all their intricate feathers so it was a very interesting challenge for me. The first one has been a commission and the client expressed an interest in this kind of scene so I have started the series. The time will show if this painting will lead to something significant.