Tuesday 18 October 2011


23 x 23 cm, gouache


Dean H. said...

Very nicely done, Anna!
I enjoy your work on this blog.

SYLVIANE said...

I don't know why I couldn't leave a comment on Dpw.Your painting is my preferred, and done with gouache, the medium I've used for years(but now it's oil)and i love it.
bravo, Anna!

Anna Tikhomirova said...

Thank you, Dean and Sylviane, very kind of you to comment. Such good vibes help me to carry on. Good luck with your work as well.

Karen Werner said...

Nice work Anna, with a less than ideal photo reference. The shadows on the face are so dark in the picture, but you handled it perfectly! Yours is my favorite on DPW site.

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

nice painting! very well done with the emotion of the girl..great job and keep up!

Robie Benve said...

I LOVE how you painted her. I gave her a try, and got stuck because she did not get the "fresh" look at all. I need to go back and try again, your rendition is inspiring.

Sasa Sophie said...

I fell in Love with this one.
She looks so happy,
and the Sun in shining in her Face is absolutely gorgeous.

Can't wait to see some new paintings.