Monday, 28 September 2009

Autumn in Richmond

Sunlight buries itself playfully in the soft, pearly cloud cussions, popping out here and there only to dive straight back in. Richmond filled with a golden glow reflects majestically in the broad waters of the Thames, adorned with colourful boats. I walk briskly through the town, hurry to collect my girl from school and the smell of autumn fills my lungs, tickles my deepest memories. They are just shades of feelings too abstract for words even inside my head. They taste bitter-sweet, I want to hug these trees, this padded sky. On the way home we stop by the river. My girl loves looking at the water up-close. We look for stones which the river brought here from the sea. We take our trophies home. When Sasha goes to bed I start a new still life.

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